Aromatherapy Equanimous 

Blends to achieve a quality of being calm and even-tempered.  In control of your facilities, with full composure and balance.


"In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible"

-  Marcus Tullius Cicero

Zen Emotional Wellness Blend Rollerballs 

We offer a variety of blends that help with mood and emotional healing.

Anxiety Blends:

Adapt 2 Life – Relaxing aroma that helps boost mood and increases feelings of tranquility

Anxiety Blend – helps reduce anxiety and panic

Central Nervous System Calmer –stabilizes GABA and fight/flight, and the parasympathetic system

Fear Not – Helps decrease the feeling of fear and hopelessness

Balance Blends:

Balance & Clarity – helps with vertigo, and foggy brain aids in clear thinking, a balanced feeling

Energy Booster- a fresh and uplifting aroma, to stimulate activity in the brain, and memory

Calming & Regulating Blends:

Be Calm – Helps during periods of panic or impulsivity, does not contain lavender so it’s helpful for someone with lower brain Alpha Waves

Calm Child – Aids with hyperactivity, agitation, and fidgety, can help induce sleep, includes lavender

Building Self-Confidence/Depression/Emotional Pain:

Encouragement Blend – helps to build hope, balance emotions, fortify and inspiration

Gratitude for Life – Opens you up to embrace all that life has to offer and encourages a grateful spirit

Live & Let Live – Helps your inner child to release painful past traumas to forgive

Focus & Memory Blends:

Focus Blend – Aids to reset the mind, focus, and induce being in the moment

Girl Friday – May aid with memory, focus, brain stimulation, recall

Joy & Positive Blends:

Cheer Up –encourage endorphin production that aids with feelings of happiness

Joyful Bliss – a minty yet floral smell that uplifts and energizes the spirit

Uplift Blend– boosts emotions, inspires motivation, cheers spirit, restores energy

Hormonal Blends:

Adore– natural protection of reproductive tissue organs, aids with female emotional wellness

Sassy Lassy– may aid with monthly issues, sex drive, stimulation, excitement

Women’s Blend – may aid with hot flashes, swelling, bloating, monthly issues, pain, or depression 

Usage: Use the chosen blend topically by rolling onto your wrists, neck, chest, over your heart, on your feet, or under your nose several times each day.