Bath & Shower

Uncompromised beauty, with a consciousness for protecting the environment and our imprint on the Earth.  Our products are clean, safe, non-GMO, and organic. 

"Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy, and spirit you possess or takes away from it."  

-  Ann Wigmore

The secret is simple - 

nature made ingredients make

 better soap for your skin.

Our 100% pure, non-GMO, and chemical-free soap products last 2-3X longer than the average natural soap bar.  They are aesthetically beautiful without the harmful, artificial color dyes of many soaps. We put 36% organic farm fresh goat milk into our soaps, which accounts for about 3x more than the average goat milk bar. This gives the soap a creamier and richer feel that provides a more pleasant cleansing experience.  Learn more about soaps here.

  • Bar soap is hand-made using the cold process method
  • Cold-pressed using no harsh chemicals
  • Moisturizing and cleaning without compromise 
  • Our soaps are made with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for amazing aromas
  • No melt bars give our customers the highest soap yield per bar, our average customer gets an average of 30-40 showers or 4-5 weeks out of each bar.
  • Large bar size 5oz
  • Ingredients, depending on the bar include: Goat Milk, Saponified Lard, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Essential Oils or Natural Aromas, Greek Yogurt, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, and a variety of herbs or organics including (depending on the bar) Alfalfa, Nettle, Cocoa, Madder Root, Cinnamon Powder, Bentonite Clay, Rose Petals, Jewelweed, Oatmeal, Honeysuckle Bioidentical Oil, Alkanet Root, Alkanet, Annatto, Spirulina, Calendula, Kaolin Rose Clay

Sensitive Skin Recommendations, anything with:

Soothing Calendula                               Oatmeal

Lavender                                                      Lemongrass

Rose                                                               Sandalwood

Poison Ivy Aid                                             Pachouli                                        

And try our Poison Ivy soap to help neutralize the oils from contact with any poisonous plants.  This will ease the pain and itch associated with its contact.

The soap holder is handmade by Dragon's Breath Pottery, Warren, Maine 

check out her beautiful hand-thrown pottery.

Order a 6-box soap set for the best value.  

Choose based on an aroma profile, or ask for a surprise pick.

One bar usually lasts 35-40 washings for one person. 

Goat Milk Liquid Foam Soap Pumps

Gentle yet effective for cleaning away dirt and germs. These soaps won't dry out your hands, but instead offer a moisturizing smooth feel after each use. No harsh chemicals or toxins. The aromas are the results of fresh, clean, essential oils that smell amazing and leave you with a happy positive feeling.

Our soaps offer amazing value with 4 bars of soap in 8oz and 8 bars in 16oz. These liquid soaps are convenient for guest bathrooms, kitchen sinks, baths, or showers.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Saponified Lard, Coconut & Olive Oils, Goat Milk, and Various Essential Oils.

Available in: 8oz. or 16oz mason glass jar

Shampoo Bar Soap

The benefits of shampoo bar soap are many.  First economically it lasts longer than shampoo of the same oz size and while traditional shampoos have 70% water make up a shampoo bar soap that has no water.  Travel with shampoo bar soap is easy.  It doesn't contain synthetic detergents and cleaners.  Makes your hair feel super clean and greaseless.  People love how soft their hair feels after using shampoo bar soap. 

5oz bar

Floyd’s Barbershop ‘Ole Fashion Natural Goat Milk Shaving Soap

Reduce the razor stubble with a creamy goat milk soap that smells of Egyptian musk and makes your skin feel like a baby's butt after shaving. Lathers well with an old fashion shaving brush or just using a washcloth. Just like an old fashion shave, this blend is free of harsh chemicals and additives.

5.2 oz container

Sugar & Sweet Body Scrubs 

Organic brown sugar blended with rich jojoba, sunflower, and coconut oils is hand-blended with CPTG essential oils to create delicious and refreshing combinations.  Sugar body scrubs are used in the shower to pull out toxins from the top layer of the skin while adding soothing natural oils to protect and moisturize the skin.  Several blends help tone the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and or cellulite.  After your shower, your skin will feel softer.  No residue but these scrubs do leave a light natural aroma and a light sheen that makes your arms and legs look wonderful.  

Blends include: Cucumber & Mint, Fig & Vanilla, Vanilla Pear, Fig & Bergamont, Citrus Joy, Vanilla Citrus, Mint Mojito, Coconut Beach, Leather & Cedarwood, and Sweet Floral.

Herbal Spa Mineral Bath Salts

Treat yourself to the aroma of our spearmint and basil natural mineral bath salts.  The benefits of a foot or full body bath using mineral salts are numerous.  Not only is a hot bath relaxing but when mineral bath salts are added it becomes a home spa bliss.  The health benefits are important too as you will benefit from its calcium for strong bones and softer skin.  And it's sulfated elements enhance skin health and reduce joint pain.  The zinc elements help with skin conditions like hives or rashes.  Plus magnesium offers an abundance of health aids to the body.  Use just a 1/2 oz per bath and enjoy its fizz while you slide into the warm soft water for a healthy body experience.

8oz bag

Natural Bath Balms

These natural bath balms make your water soft and smell amazing without the dyes, synthetic fragrance oils, polysorbate 80, or glitter. Just pure goat milk and essential oils will make your next bath indulgence a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is recommended that bath bombs are an occasional use option to help with moisturizing skin, relaxing muscles, reducing swelling, and inducing relaxation, and sleep. Rinse off well after soaking using a bath bomb to ensure no residual oils or salts remain on the skin. Made with distilled water, saponified lard, coconut & olive oils, and natural aromas.

Most soaps contain triclosan, formaldehyde, and harmful dyes 

(used to color the soaps and make them "pretty")

Soap is one of the most important products to switch out for natural 

solutions since every member of the family use soap multiple times a day.

Look at the alternatives,

Look at using Pure Wellness.