Beautiful Face

Using plant-based natural skincare

Your skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture in hot, cold, or windy weather.

OTC products are inefficient at moisturizing the skin due to the inability of their synthetic compounds to penetrate into the skin cell wall. Our products are made with CPTG Essential Oils that are lipid-soluble allowing them to enter the cell and repair its damage. Pure Wellness skin products balance the pH, repair free radical damage, help with dark spots and blemishes, and help proliferate cell production to stimulate collagen production – reducing the visual signs of wrinkles and age spots. 

Gua Sha Technique 

Beautiful Skin Care 

Gua Sha is an Ancient Chinese Treatment used by the flawless Gusha women for hundreds of years.  This easy-to-use facial treatment is now used in the US by estheticians and cosmetologists.  

Do it yourself at home with this Gua Sha kit.  Pick your stone and use the Gua Sha serum to lubricate the skin prior to using the stone.

Your skin will look and feel amazing just after one treatment. 

Choose your Gua Sha stone. 

Use our Gua Sha serum specifically made to enhance 

the results of this technique.  

Recommended to use the Gua Sha treatment several times a week as part of your skin routine for best results.

Additional Beauty Products

Blemish & Acne Reducer - Works to reduce inflammation, redness, and skin irritation. Helps to clear up acne, blemishes, and pimples while balancing the skin's pH to avoid future issues.*  

10ml roller

Clean Face Bar Soap with Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree-  Charcoal Soap for acne, Rosacea, & red blotchy skin. Large face sweat glands and pores expel a lot of sweat, which releases toxins. These toxins came from the day's exposure to synthetic chemicals via your cosmetics and air. The skin is our last line of defense and those toxins end up being released into your pores. By balancing your pH, you counter the acidity that your body is expelling from the toxins. Charcoal and tea tree oil is an excellent natural defense for calming the inflammation caused by the irritation to the derma, while safely cleaning and infusing moisture into the pores.

5oz bar

Girlie Goo Skin Polish - Fun and effective skin formula.  This light, overnight, leave-on face polish aids with skin discoloration and scarring.  Put on at night, then wash off in the am, removing dead, dry skin overnight for a fresh feeling of super soft skin in the am.  Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rose Hip, Turmeric, Yarrow flower, Geranium Rose, and Myrrh in an organic aloe vera base. 

2oz container

Hydrating Night Cream - Designed as your evening moisturizer due to the thicker cream base this blend helps with Rosacea, skin blotches, and skin inflammation, and adds antioxidant protection for people with sensitive or normal skin.  

.5oz and 2oz jar options

Lazy Girl Makeup Remover & Toner - Use the convenient organic cotton pads around your face and neck to clean and remove dirt. Cotton pads are soaked in a base of witch hazel, Vit E, lemon, tea tree, lavender, and red mandarin.  These effective CPTG essential oils remove grease, makeup, oil, and dirt and help to balance the skin's pH, detox the skin, and reduce inflammation.  Calms the skin and the senses with the amazingly clean and fresh aroma.*   

6oz glass jar [approximately 40 washings]

Luscious Lip Gloss - Smooth rolling shea butter coats your lips with a soothing silky feel that you will enjoy using throughout the day either over your favorite lipstick or to gloss up your natural smile.  Spearmint, wild orange, and tangerine essential oils give this blend a delicious taste with just a hint of honey to sweeten it up.   Safe for young girls.  10oz. roller

Marvelous Micro Derm - This gentle formula helps to remove the dead skin cells of your top derm.  Helps to bring fresh blood to the top skin capillaries pushing out toxins.  Adds antioxidants, vitamins, and moisture to your skin leaving you not only feeling super soft but fresh and rosy.  Arborvitae enhances skin health, lemongrass aids with circulation and oxygen flow other oils include coconut and jojoba. 2oz

Natural Solid Perfumes -  Our beautiful, solid perfumes have a more sensual feel than a perfume spray.

The rich and creamy feel goes on your skin like butter. The aroma is delicate yet lingers on your skin for hours, and our smell was inspired by nature. We like to call them nature's nectar; with varieties to match your changing moods: light, clean, fun, musky, sassy, floral, or romantic. The convenience of these solid perfumes is their size. Just right for a purse, but perfect for a wristlet purse.

How to apply: Massage onto your pulse points, neck, wrists, and throat.

What you won't find in our perfumes: free of styrene, phthalates, musk ketone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, camphor, ethyl acetate, limonene, linalool, fragrance, and methylene chloride line height, color, and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.    (Click here for our selection of perfumes)

Puffy Eye Reducer- This blend includes essential oils that naturally eliminate water retention to remove the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.  Not to be used anywhere other than around the eyes.  Use in the mornings for a fresh and youthful appearance.*

.5oz liquid roller or in a .5oz cream

Wrinkle Reducer - This TOP SELLING blend NOW INCLUDES Collegian and Rosehip, shown to simulate Hyaluronic Acid, and Frankinscene which simulates Retinal A, to help tighten skin, along with essential oils that have been used in top-selling beauty products for decades.  Myrrh, Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Patchouli, and other CPTG essential oils offer constituents that help improve blood flow, brighten the skin, and encourage collagen growth to help diminish the appearance of fine lines naturally which encourages new cell growth and skin firming.*

10ml roller 

Vit. C Toner Tonic Skin Refiner - This toner is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to soothe the pores of the face and enrich your skin.  Helps to hydrate and brighten the skin.  Rosemary, Cypress, and Coriander are just a few of the precious oils that make this toner special.  Use after you wash your face in the morning and evening and before you add your moisturizer.  30ml spray

* Avoid getting into your eyes.  However, if you get any of these products in your eyes by accident, we encourage you to use olive oil and not water.  Essential oils can burn the eye but will dissipate within a few minutes.  Organic olive oil, grapeseed, or coconut oil will ease the eye sooner and is safe for the eyes.   

Blue Tansy Flower

A rich, soothing essential oil that deeply encourages new skin growth with antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties that nourish and

balance the skin pH.  We add this amazing potent essential oil to many of our skincare products. 


amazing anti-aging properties

Geranium Rose 

enhanced wrinkle reducer


reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes


highest concentration of  skin care properties

Juniper Berry

Detoxifying, pH balance, cleansing


Heals the skin, soothes, protects, calms