Southern Blaze Candles

A candle with southern swave

100% wood & cotton wick, eco-friendly Earth-Made candles are so clean 

you can use them as a warm, hydrating hand and body lotion. 

Southern Blaze Earth-Made 

Wood Wick Lotion Candles 

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A Natural Alternative to candle burning....

We made our candles with 100% coconut soy blend and therapeutic grade essential oils and natural aromas using both a 100% cotton and wood wick. Our candles last longer, about 3x longer than store-bought candles with an average burn of 80-100 hours, and smell consistent throughout the burn cycle because we mix the essential oils thoroughly with our plant wax before pouring. You enjoy the aroma all the way to the end. Our aromas are inspired by earthly scents such as natural fruits, moss, birch trees, grass, grapes, and more.

Did you know manufacturers don’t have to disclose whether their product contains phthalates? These deadly chemicals contribute to all sorts of health issues. Fortunately, our candles and wax tarts do not contain any phthalates or emit any toxins so you enjoy a clean, toxic-free aromatic experience.

Our "Southern Blaze Collection" candles are Earth-Made using only pure ingredients so you get a clean, even healthy burn. Our aromas are inspired by earth scents that uplift your emotions and enjoyment. We use mason jars with antique tops that can be recycled and used in your home after your candle use.

And if that's not enough, we have used 100% pure coconut soy which is soft and velvety and doubles as a lotion for your hands or body when warm.

Why our candles are so special....

  • When the wax is warm, the candle can be used as a soothing aromatherapeutic lotion
  • Wood Wick  crackles when you burn
  • No toxins: no lead, no paraffin, phthalates, or dyes
  • Hand Poured 
  • Supporting your local business and not big business or China
  • Environmentally clean
  • Combination 100% Wood & Cotton Wick for easy lighting
  • Locally made and sourced using local farms in the USA
  • Women made
  • 10% goes to ministries in the local area
  • No animal testing
  • Rids foul aromas in the home 
  • Offers a beautiful flame
  • Better value - offers a longer burn time 120+ hours

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100% Wood & Cotton Wicks

100% Pure Coconut Soy Plant Wax Blend

100% Pure Coconut Soy Plant Wax Melts

Non-Flame Wax Candle Melts

Flame candles may not be an option for everyone so while candles require a flame, wax melt warmers only require electricity. Our candle tarts cubes warm in electric wax melt warmers to release the natural essential oil aroma. 6 square blocks per set with burn times of 4-6 hours a cube.

Our wax tarts are clean and naturally made using goat milk and soy.  No benzene, toluene, or paraffin, just 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils give these a wonderful aroma.  

"You should never be proud of doing the right thing.  You should just do it."

Dean Smith