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According to a survey done by EWG (Environmental Working Group) 

asking 2300 people how many grooming products they average putting on their skin before starting the day.

9 products daily

On average, people use 9 different body care products a day, of which contain 126 “unique” and mostly toxic-based ingredients.

Toxic-based ingredients are known to be linked to cancer, endocrine disruptors, headaches, skin rashes, auto-immune disease, liver issues, and other diseases. 

Your grooming ritual probably includes:

Shampoo, cream rinse, toothpaste, deodorant, body lotion or powder, perfume, hair care products such as moose or hair spray, lip balm or lipstick, shaving cream, aftershaves, sunscreen or bug spray, make-up removers, nail polish, not to mention cosmetics.

Most people don’t give these products a second thought, believing that the government oversees their safety.

Not so.

No toiletry products, cosmetics, or baby care products are required to have health studies or pre-market testing prior to 

or during their exposure to the public.  

As shocking as this is, you have the option to change, to stop supporting these products, and to buy products that are clean and free of harmful toxins and toxicants.

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