Natural Solid Perfumes 

10 Beautiful Aromas ...

Natural perfumes are a delightful reprieve from perfume sprays and other petrochemical-based solid perfumes. Its rich natural base and aromas are free of harsh, headache-causing chemicals and instead provide uplifting and joyful mood enhancement.  The smooth and velvety application is welcoming along with the different aromas inspired by nature. Our perfumes can last several hours and comes in a beautiful .15oz container that’s placed inside a lovely rose-colored, decorative bag.

Angelic Blooms – a walk through a garden in the late spring when chamomiles are at their peak, this bold smelling sweet herbal, floral perfume is a favorite

Aroma Profile: Floral, sweet

French Vanilla – a deep warm cozy aroma reminiscent of a freshly baked vanilla cake, a top favorite

Aroma Profile: Warm, musky, vanilla, classic

Gardenia Blossoms – delicate and sweet, with a smooth, charmful floral aroma

Aroma Profile: Floral, light

Hipster – the classic aroma of patchouli, this earthy intoxicating favorite is mildly sweet with a slight hint of mint, reminiscent of wet soil after a night’s misty rainfall.

Aroma Profile: Earthy, mint

Paradise Found – our top-selling perfume, this blended contrast of sweet and earthy plays beautifully together. Its light sweet aroma is balanced with an earthy, mint base that keeps one guessing at aromas in this blend.

Aroma Profile: Earthy, sweet, floral

Southern Angel – an exotic floral and herb aroma; mixed lilac blossoms balanced with the earthy and warm notes of sandalwood

Aroma Profile: Floral, earthy, sweet

Summer Night –earthy sage, lavender, sandalwood, and balsamic base notes, this romantic, musky aroma offers an alluring draw

Aroma Profile: Earthy, herbal, classic, calming

Surreal – every so often there’s an aroma that takes you to new places and brings out emotions every time you experience it. Its distinct, precious sandalwood base provides exotic, sweet ambrosia which will keep you yearning for more.

Aroma Profile: Exotic, spicy, sweet

White Birch – soft musk with vivid notes of vanilla, cozy woods, burning fire embers, soft tonka beans that combine into a smokey, deep smelling, romantic perfume

Aroma Profile: Musky, smokey, woodsy, sweet

White Jasmine – a romantic and opulent floral aroma providing a warm perfume aroma with mild bourbon and nutmeg undertones

Aroma Profile: Floral, sweet