Seasonal Products

Using plant-based natural skincare

So many of what we can find in the stores for seasonal products include petrochemicals (also known as petroleum distillates).  These are the chemical products obtained from petroleum by refining.  Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels,  such as coal or natural gas.  Manufacturers include these petrochemicals in their products that we then use on our skin, on our children's skin, and often times on our babies to seemingly protect them from the harsh environments never thinking of the long-term effect and health risks we are taking by using these products.

We can do better.  We can go natural. 

Natural SunScreen Lotion

Natural, Safe, Organic

Includes Myrrh, Geranium Rose, and Peppermint oils best oils to protect against the sun.

The FDA has allowed sunscreen makers to sell their products under an assumption that the active ingredients they use are “GRASE,” or generally recognized as safe and effective. But in fact, suntan lotions are extremely toxic for bodies.  This blend has zinc oxide along with natural ingredients to screen out harmful sun rays.  Recommend reapplying every 3-4 hrs for best results.  And after swimming or heavy outdoor exercising. 

Available in a 4oz tube 

Bug Repellent

Natural Bug Spray

Natural, Safe, & Organic

Detracts mosquitoes, bugs, flies, spiders, gnats, and ticks.

Safe for people, kids, and pets.  Includes peppermint, catnip, thyme, lemongrass, arborvitae, ylang ylang, vanilla bean, cedar wood, lemon eucalyptus, listea, nootka, nootkatone which is in grapefruit oil, and lemon essential oils in a vit e, aloe vera base.  It smells fresh and delicious. Plus it's kind to your skin.   

Spray all over your body before going outside.  Recommend reapplying every 3-4hrs for best results.

Available in 8oz spray bottle

2oz bottles 

15ml purse sprays

Chickweed Vegan Soap

Natural, Safe, & Organic

Chickweed aids with inflammation issues and is very helpful for chiggers or to relieve skin issues.  Contains vitamins and minerals that aid in skin repair and damage. Also good for men's sensitive areas. 

Wash thoroughly.  

Available in 5 oz soap bar

Peppermint Oil for Spiders


Natural, Safe, & Organic

This oil is helpful for getting rid of moths and spiders. 

Add a half cup of vinegar to one and a half cups of water. Then, add 20 to 25 drops of peppermint oil to your mixture. Shake well inside a spray bottle.  Spray to rid spiders and moths.

Bonus, it also helps to cool your body temperature down so it's a great aid while gardening to keep close by and spritz frequently. 

Available in 15ml bottle

or 4oz spray 

Our Gardener's Hands soap is designed to be tough on 

dirt but soft on the skin.  Enjoy this soap for hands or body washing.     Available from spring through to the fall seasons.